All my life I’ve wondered how to be happy.

For me, no purchases, relationships, jobs, or experiences could give it to me.

I had a lingering and persistent feeling that there was more; life was meant for more; I had the capacity for more.

This blog is about the things I have continued to uncover that bring me real meaning in life.  Real Purpose.  Real Love.



It’s my hope and endeavor to share my experiences with people who likewise may benefit from them.  I have no answers, no real path… I’m just making it up as I go along and sharing what I’m finding along the way.

So read up, have fun, send me a note, and please SUBSCRIBE to stay updated about current articles and musings.


Let’s figure out this road of life together – hopefully, a Road to Bliss!



Kaelan is a graduate of Northwestern University and The Second City, Chicago.  He is a writer, director, actor, storyteller, yogi, and lower of making the world a better place.  He lived in a traditional yogic ashram for seven years – and loves uncovering ways to grow into the best human he has the capacity to be.  He is engaged to the best man he ever met – and they have a puppy, Galileo Aloysius Gutierrez-Strouse.